about us

In JUANVG we give new life to forgotten and defective clothes, creating original and exclusive upcycled designs.

  • Made in Spain with an environmental mindset
  • Upcycling and circular design are the way to innovate


WE are a community

JUANVG stands for a community who dares to be bold, to be themselves.
our mantra: “DO WHAT YOU WANT, BE WHAT YOU WANT” symbolize and represents, creativity, individuality, craziness, mutual respect, unity, equality, responsible consumption, sustainability.

Change is everywhere, be aware of it and if you believe in us, join us and support us. 

Creative and Designer

Juan Valentin-Gamazo

My passion for design stems from not feeling comfortable or in tune with the clothes that were sold when I was 15-16 years old. I began to experiment and create my own clothes, customizing old clothes or transforming my father’s clothes and mine. Upcycling design has always been in my head unconsciously since I designed from the materials and resources I had, without buying anything new. That is why part of the brand’s philosophy is based on this idea; starting from basic, second-hand garments or very classic pieces that people currently would not wear, deconstructing them and transforming them into more daring, fun and wearable designs in people’s daily lives.